Daikoku1-4−17 Naniwa ward, Osaka city 556-0014
090-3272-7955 info@nambahostel.com


per person

One person in domitory(Bunk Bed) 3,500 YEN

per a room

single(Japanese-Style) 5,000 YEN
twin(Japanese-Style) 7,000 YEN
triple(Bunk Bed) 12,000 YEN
Quadruple(Bunk Bed) 14,000 YEN


  1.  It is all rooms air-conditioner, floor heater perfection. A sheet, a futon cover, the pillow slip is prepared for the room. There is no restroom shower in the room、located in each floor as public.
  2. In addition, there is no TV, refrigerator in the room, Please use the thing installing in the first floor.


Business hours 9:00~23:00
None at the closing gate time
Check in 15:00~23:00
Check out ~11:00


If you check in after 23:00, please ring to us, if not you cannot check in.

Also you stay over a check out time, we charge additional fee.There is not a closing gate time, but please stay calm in a room after 11pm.


Payment should be made at check in

We accept only Japanese Yen, not caredit card, please exchange to Japanese Yen before ariival.

If you have question please ring to us, or write email to us .

+81-90-3272-7955, info@nambahostel.com

Some frequent asked quetions and answer following



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Automobile goes left side

Japan's traffic also goes to the left. Watch the right when cross a road.

Certified by City of Osaka

We are licensed Hostel by local government, and fire defense agency.