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Osaka Guidance

Osaka Aquarium "Kaiyukan http://www.kaiyukan.com/

海遊館  ベイエリア

Go through the deep sea tunnel-like aquagate to find fish paradise! Be surprised and amused at the unique fish living in various seas of the world. In the huge water tank "Pacific Ocean", the most popular is Yuchan the whale shark, 5.23m in length, magnificently swims around. The impressive manta ray, the unique face of the Napoleon fish, the beautiful school of horse mackerel. Mother Ocean has a deep bosom!

Admission Adults ¥2,000, Junior high and Elementary school students ¥900, Preschoolers (4 years old and above) ¥400
TEL 06-6576-5501


The National Museum of Art, Osaka http://www.nmao.go.jp/english/home.html


Right after you leave the Science Museum, a gigantic monument with beautiful curves made of silver stainless pipe catches the eye. In fact this is the entrance gate to the National Museum of Art, Osaka. Designed by Cesar Pelli, one of the chosen "10 Most influential American Architects of Our Time", It is the beginning of the totally underground style museum. The 3-floor underground structure is a rarity in the modern world. Approx. 5,000 pieces of domestic and international paintings, prints, sculpture, photographs from the 20th century and after are in the collection. 50 -100 pieces are always on display, varying in each season. Planned exhibit to introduce artists in action, and special exhibits to show modern art are held 6-7 times a year. Complete with unique gallery talk and lecture, nursery (for a fee, reservation required).

Fee Regular exhibit, Adults ¥420 University student ¥130 Senior high school student ¥70, Free for junior high school student and under, over 65 years old, person with mental or physical disabilities and one accompanying person. TBA for special exhibit, joint organized exhibit, etc.
TEL 06-6447-4680 (main), Hello dial 06-4860-8600

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アメリカ村 http://americamura.jp/

アメリカ村  ミナミ(道頓堀)







Fashion and Culture dispatching base for the ardent youth. Turn west at Mido-suji, and there is America-Mura, lined with used clothing and imported goods stores. A multi-purpose shopping building "Big Step" where live shows and movies are also on offer. Traditional multi-tenant buildings have lots of unique shops, too. The whole area is artistic and energetic with fashionable youth striding down the street, pictures on the wall of buildings, objects at the corners, etc. Take a walk around in an exploring mood.




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